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If you are discerning or unsure about your vocation, we created this page especially for you! Here you will find practical advice for vocation discernment and learn about the requirements for admission to our Carmel and the different stages of formation. Before reading further, we invite you to recite this prayer for discernment:

Lord Jesus, You call each of us to serve You in love and humility. Every vocation in the Church is holy and is given for the building up of Your body, the Church, into a living temple. Please reveal to me the vocation You are calling me to follow, the road that will lead me to deepest intimacy with You and to the fullness of life, love, and joy that are Yours alone to give. Give me courage, Lord, to say yes to my vocation as Mary, Your Mother, said yes to hers. Amen.

Now, we are ready!

Discerning Carmel?

Aspirancy Stage of Formation
Our Lady of Fatima Queen of Novitiates

Stages of Formation

The Extern Sisters

Extern Sister at Office

Admission Requirements

Vocational Resources


“Communities which are totally dedicated to contemplation, no matter how urgent may be the needs of the active apostolate, will always have a distinguished role to play, and their withdrawal from the world and the practices of their contemplative life should be maintained with the greatest reverence.”

- Statute on Enclosure, Perfectae Caritatis

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