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A Farewell Letter

Carmelite Crest & Motto

The Peace of Christ!

October 2023

To all our faithful and dearly beloved friends,


Praised be Jesus Christ!

It is with both sadness and joy that we announce that, after over a century of blessings here in Buffalo, we have received permission from Rome to relocate to the Diocese of Saint Augustine in north Florida.

We know that this news may come as a surprise to many of you and be a cause of great sorrow and disappointment, but we trust that you will understand that we have prayed very much about this matter and have reached the conclusion that Our Lord is leading us to take this step. When this monastery was built, this was a quiet area on the outskirts of the city. Now, however, we no longer have the silence and solitude which are requisite for a cloistered Community. Friends have offered to assist us in procuring a spacious property in the territory of the Diocese of Saint Augustine which would be an ideal location for our life of contemplative prayer, and we are confident that this is a blessing coming to us from the hand of Divine Providence.

We would like to share with you all this beautiful statement issued by dear Bishop Fisher regarding our relocation:


It was with a heavy heart that I learned of the Carmelite Nuns of the Monastery of the Little Flower of Jesus’ wish to relocate outside of the Diocese to an area that provided the necessary solitude to continue their ministry.

The Carmelite Sisters have been an important part of the religious fabric of the Diocese of Buffalo for more than 100 years, when Mother Mary Elias of the Blessed Sacrament, O.C.D. founded the Discalced Carmelite Monastery in 1920, first on Cottage Street, and then on Carmel Road in North Buffalo.

All in the Diocese of Buffalo wish to impart on Mother Teresa and her Community all the love and gratitude for their century of service to Western New York in God’s love as they relocate to the Diocese of St. Augustine.

Words cannot express the profound gratitude we have in our hearts for all the love and generosity which the people of Buffalo have shown to our Community for these many years! From good Bishop Fisher, to our local clergy, to all the devoted lay people who support us in so many ways, we have been tremendously blessed by the goodness of the people of this Diocese. Though we will no longer be present here physically, we will always hold the faithful here close to our hearts and lift you up in prayer each and every day. We humbly ask that you pray for us as well. May God bless and reward you all!


Gratefully yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

The Carmelite Nuns of the Monastery of the Little Flower of Jesus


P.S. – Any questions may be shared at God bless you!

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